Guide to Living in Hiroshima
(暮らしの手引き 広島)

~For All Foreigners Residing in Hiroshima Prefecture~
~ 外国籍県民のみなさんへ ~

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Hiroshima Prefecture

Foreigners of many different nationalities, including not only North and South Koreans but also Chinese, Brazilians, and Filipinos live and work in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Hiroshima Prefecture seeks to create a harmonious “Multi-cultural society” in which the human rights, culture and values of all those foreigners from various countries and ethnic background living in the prefecture are fully respected, and in which their individuality and abilities can be used to their full potential in living a dynamic and active life. The prefecture actively promotes the creation and maintenance of a living environment in which it easy for foreigners to live and one in which they are able to participate in their local communities

In order to create a livable regional community for both foreigners residing in the prefecture as well as the Japanese residents, it is becoming increasingly important to strive for an “Internationalization in Everyday Life” that not only fosters understanding of the  circumstance and historical reasons for foreigners living in Hiroshima Prefecture, and deepens understanding of different cultures, customs and values, but also contributes to solving problems faced by these foreigners in areas such as employment, housing and education.

To aid in such efforts, this “Guide to Living in Hiroshima” was first created in 1995, revised in 1998 and made available on the Internet homepage. We shall continue working to take similar measures such as improving and enhancing the provision of public affairs/enlightenment and daily living information for foreigners residing in the prefecture, and the establishment of a daily living information window.


Regarding use of this “Guide to Living in Hiroshima”
There are certain corresponding rights that are only granted when an applicant applies to any of the social welfare and other governmental services that are described in this guide. For this reason, you should always contact the administrative organization that is responsible for the service you wish to use to obtain details regarding the application process.



最終更新日:2006年4月1日 問合せ:広島県総務部国際室
Last updateddate:April 1, 2006 More information: Hiroshima Prefecture General Affairs Dept., International Office

Guide to Living in Hiroshima
(For All Foreigners Residing in Hiroshima Prefecture) ひろしま暮らしのガイド(外国籍県民の皆様)へ
Hiroshima International Center (Top) ひろしま国際センター トップページへ
Hiroshima International Plaza (Top) ひろしま国際プラザ トップページへ
Hiroshima International Information Network (Top) ひろしま国際情報ネットワーク トップページへ